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Toyota Hybrid-R: derived from a model currently in production and 400 horsepower

Second_teaserToyota has prepared us a major surprise for the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. We noticed it recently, we noticed a few days ago and did presenting and the name of the creature … the creature conceptual: the Toyota Hybrid-R. Now, the Japanese firm delights us with a first image, for now only taught us the logo of this new conceptual model.

What has prepared Toyota? For now it is a mystery, but now the firm and has left us with few … but important details. It seems that in the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show we expect a good dose of sportiness hand with the touch hybrid Toyota trademark … a dose of sportiness hybrid come from current production model.

In the new release that has presented Toyota warns as this Toyota Hybrid-R Concept, based on a current model of production will rise to 400 hp thanks to a mechanical hybrid inspired by the competition model TS030, mechanics that the competition model is formed by a 500-hp V8 and 300-hp electric block.

Tip-heeled for Porsche 911 auto manuals with Sport Chrono Pack

What is the tip-heeled? This is a move that runs with the brake and accelerator of a car with manual transmission in sporty driving. While braking and downshifts given a heel to the accelerator for the clutch can not hold us back and out of that curve as quickly as possible, without interference dynamics. So far, only the Nissan 370Z was an automatic spike-heeled, overlooking a small sprint automatic to downshift.

The SynchroRev Control worked great, and the truth is that it seemed strange that no other car I implementase. Today it is difficult to innovate in manual gearboxes. Porsche has done with its seven relations manual, which you can now attach an identical system if the option is mounted Sport Chrono Pack. The system works automatically in Sport Plus mode, in Sport and Normal modes have to do it manually … if you know.

Smart four joy concept: the return of the four-seater smart is closer

smart_fourjoy_concept_6-dm-700pxWe know that smart has been working on its new generation smart fortwo and the return of the smart forfour, a small four-seater urban utility to share a platform with the next Renault Twingo. Recall that Renault-Nissan and Daimler signed an agreement in 2010 to jointly develop – among others – engines and small cars. During this time it has been rumored even the possibility of a crossover-focused smart. But for now the only certainty we have is that at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show in just a few days, contemplate a first look of the new smart fortwo and forfour that will reach European showrooms – not later – in early 2015.

The smart fourjoy, presented in Frankfurt, will be a four-seater prototype will appeal to more traditional aesthetic key subsidiary of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz. The first images leaked on the internet that illustrate this article we show how the smart fourjoy retains the famous tridion safety cell and a sideline lacking doors, relatively speaking, we remind the Renault Twizy design.

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