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Citroën Cactus Concept: first images of new Citroen SUV concept

citroen_cactus_concept_DM_6The arrival of the Citroen Cactus is imminent. So imminent that the new Citroën conceptual model could not avoid succumbing to a leak before its release and is shown and whether any pretense before us. First images of the new model Citroen model that seems perfectly willing to set ourselves a new stage in the French brand.

Looking to introduce a philosophy seemingly simple, clean lines and bare fanfare, considering that this is a conceptual model presents the Citroën Citroen Cactus Concept, a new SUV concept that besides appearing in a new design line and apparently incorporates Hybrid Air.

Rounded lines, optical torn to front in the style of the new Citroën C4 Picasso, taillights with 3D design released by the Citroen DS3 Cabrio, without edges, fins or risky forms the bulk of its panels, giving the B-pillar and the rear window, is followed by an SUV that lack of knowledge about measures seem intended to cover in the signing of the chevrons the compact SUV segment.

Mercedes GLA: a new advance before its imminent presentation

MercedeS_GLA_boceto_1The arrival of Mercedes GLA is imminent. So imminent that tomorrow we will know and the new compact SUV from the German. A new step in the compact class Mercedes that binds to known Mercedes A Class Mercedes CLA and willing to share with both platform, mechanical philosophy … and now we see two sketches and a video of the production model before presentation.

After having marched as conceptual model rooms like Barcelona, it’s time to meet the production model that as happened with the Mercedes CLA and the Mercedes A-Class not expect too many changes from the previous version, with respect a conceptual version, already known.

Both sketches like the video does not reveal major changes between the conceptual model we already know and what is expected in the production model. More lines will be marked against a more diluted in the conceptual model and give your interior a common appearance with the Mercedes CLA and the Mercedes Class A.

Toyota Hybrid-R: derived from a model currently in production and 400 horsepower

Second_teaserToyota has prepared us a major surprise for the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. We noticed it recently, we noticed a few days ago and did presenting and the name of the creature … the creature conceptual: the Toyota Hybrid-R. Now, the Japanese firm delights us with a first image, for now only taught us the logo of this new conceptual model.

What has prepared Toyota? For now it is a mystery, but now the firm and has left us with few … but important details. It seems that in the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show we expect a good dose of sportiness hand with the touch hybrid Toyota trademark … a dose of sportiness hybrid come from current production model.

In the new release that has presented Toyota warns as this Toyota Hybrid-R Concept, based on a current model of production will rise to 400 hp thanks to a mechanical hybrid inspired by the competition model TS030, mechanics that the competition model is formed by a 500-hp V8 and 300-hp electric block.

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