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Mercedes GLA Edition 1, a special edition to launch their marketing

mercedes-gla-edition1-p1As is the situation in the European automotive market, it is normal to come to market brands offered a model with interesting variations that incorporate equipment packages linked to the engines that are going to demand more, in order to quickly circulate the first units and increase their visibility. However, Mercedes-Benz has chosen to launch its latest with an initial print exclusivity increases (and price) of the model significantly.

The latest model to hit the market with this unique form of release is the Mercedes GLA, the compact SUV unveiled at Frankfurt. In the wake of issues like the Mercedes A 45 AMG Edition 1 comes to market Mercedes GLA Edition 1 with a barrage of new aesthetic to differentiate it from conventional units. Unlike what happened to the Class A and GLA, which were offered only with Version AMG, the Mercedes GLA Edition 1 will be available with all engines of the car.

Citroën confirms a compact SUV and a flagship in the DS

Citroën-Número-9-250913-01In the pleasant market reception for the compact SUV segment B derivative, read Renault Captur and Peugeot 2008, Citroen has decided to invest in this segment giving the green light to a project to put on the market a new model of the product line C derived from already available on Peugeot 2008 and EMP2 platform that allows you to have a very low weight and rapid development process until it goes on sale. This new SUV will lag behind Cactus Citroën C4 is scheduled to be released early next 2014.

Also, the DS is in luck with confirmation that a new prototype model derived from Citroën Number 9 is in full swing to take the witness who once championed the Citroen C6. With this new model, we know at the moment whether host a conventional three-box design or not, are expected to increase the bid premium Citroën has already started with the other models in this line parallel.

Ford EcoSport: a miniature Kuga for Europe in 2014


Eighteen months. That will be the time we have to wait to see the new Ford EcoSport in Europe, a small SUV that gets to position itself as the alternative to SUV Ford Fiesta a notch below the Ford Kuga. Born initially as a product designed for emerging markets, Asia and South America, it seems that the success in Europe of small SUV has been reason enough to introduce it in its global product strategy and definitely throw in the old continent.

The Ford EcoSport recaptures the aesthetics of its big brother the Kuga in a body of just 4.20 meters, which aims to combine attractive design and success of the SUV with an economical and efficient packaging and practical for day to day in the city and field. A candidate to rival the Nissan Juke. While for Europeans is an entirely unknown, dates from 2003 EcoSport franchise and has sold over 700,000 units in South America.

Attached images in this article correspond to the last generation to come to Europe probably in late 2013 or early 2014.

Mercedes GLA, all the details: the commitment of Mercedes for the compact SUV

Mercedes_GLA_dm_3     Mercedes presents the new Mercedes GLA, the new SUV range. A new member to the family of compact models of the German mark, a new companion for the Mercedes CLA and the Mercedes Class A and a new rival for the BMW X1 and Audi Q3. The successful bid for the compact SUV Mercedes.

Presented on the occasion of the Frankfurt Motor Show, sharing a platform with the Mercedes CLA and the Mercedes Class A mechanical sharing, sharing philosophy now adapted to their condition SUV. A new expression of the design of this family of compact Mercedes models which we now know all the details.

Join us and discover all the features of the new Mercedes GLA.

Mercedes GLA: a new advance before its imminent presentation

MercedeS_GLA_boceto_1The arrival of Mercedes GLA is imminent. So imminent that tomorrow we will know and the new compact SUV from the German. A new step in the compact class Mercedes that binds to known Mercedes A Class Mercedes CLA and willing to share with both platform, mechanical philosophy … and now we see two sketches and a video of the production model before presentation.

After having marched as conceptual model rooms like Barcelona, it’s time to meet the production model that as happened with the Mercedes CLA and the Mercedes A-Class not expect too many changes from the previous version, with respect a conceptual version, already known.

Both sketches like the video does not reveal major changes between the conceptual model we already know and what is expected in the production model. More lines will be marked against a more diluted in the conceptual model and give your interior a common appearance with the Mercedes CLA and the Mercedes Class A.

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