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Carlsson vitamin the new Mercedes S-Class with 780 hp

mercedes-clase-s-2013-carlsson-p1The new Mercedes S class has just begun to be marketed in some markets, but the expectation has created since it was introduced is hard to find another car. Parallel to the expectant arrival of the first units to dealers of half the world, has created a race between the coaches to see which is the company that creates the change prettier, more extreme or more powerful on Class S.

Brabus has been once again has taken the lead, with the introduction of a preparation with 730 hp and lavish Biturbo Brabus 850 iBusiness 6.0 850 hp. However, Carlsson being left behind and has recently unveiled its proposed new S-Class Presents numerous cosmetic changes and major engine potentisations variants S 500 and S 63 AMG.

Why is still selling the Mercedes G-Class?

Good question. We speak of a vehicle from which hurl the market in 1979 has received updates but still the same basic design. In addition, it sells a discrete number of units each year and not even made Mercedes, but Magna Steyr, and life as well.

The answer is, among other things, its high price, so that their production is profitable. This price is partly justified in their interiors and technology, high-end, which serve to keep you updated and still meets the standards of the day.

Its largest markets are the Chinese and Russian, where it remains willing to buy it crazy. Why do I say crazy? Because the G 65 AMG is the most expensive model of the entire brand (more than 260,000 euros) and 4 × 4 standard world’s most powerful (612 hp), and the basic G 350 BlueTEC “only” costs 85,000 euros and peak prices in Germany in both cases.

Mercedes-Benz S Aesthetics: these are the lines of future S Class

Mercedes-Benz Aesthetics S

Mercedes shows us the first details of the future Class S. It does so in a week’s premieres. A week in which the new Golf will know in a few hours, which will also see the Audi RS5 Cabrio, all data on the new Range Rover and also possibly the new Ford Mondeo. Mercedes now leaves us with a brief overview of the next Mercedes S-Class

With the name of Mercedes-Benz Aesthetics S German firm presents through an artistic design baselines of the next generation Mercedes S-Class Vaguely lines that allow us to begin to imagine, with a lot of imagination, as may be the next flagship Mercedes.

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