Switzer R1K-X “Red Katana”, the Nissan GT-R acceleration breaks records with over 1,400 hp

Switzer R1K-X

In Switzer’re all specialists in preparations for the Nissan GT-R, both having Holdings potentiation several different scales, ranging from many to many horses. We just have to see his latest creation in action: R1K Switzer-X is probably the ultimate drag machine, and all this from a base relatively affordable for its features such as the Nissan GT-R. Very few could stand up in an acceleration test, thanks to over 1,400 hp which boasts.

And how to ensure this high traction power flow? Precisely the Nissan GT-R is one of the sports that, thanks to its all-wheel drive and its electronics have worked better traction, which is especially noticeable in the torn. Course, is very different at all negligible managing, approving the 550 hp Nissan GT-R serial that over 1,400 hp Switzer proposed in this creature. Valga as representing a datum that the result is good: it is able to complete the quarter mile (0-400 meters acceleration from standstill) in 8.97 seconds.

Switzer R1K-XAnything lower than 10 seconds, the time in the quarter mile is something quite extraordinary (An example is the 10.8 seconds that marked the last Lamborghini Aventador in acceleration test by Motor Trend), but is the least nine seconds set by the Nissan GT-R Switzer are directly stratospheric, and do not seem to respect the physics that governs our planet. Under the nickname “Red Katana“, very appropriate when you consider its performance and appearance, this R1K Switzer-X has numerous modifications to the standard Nissan GT-R, but it is still recognizable as such.

The exterior sports a two-tone paint in black and red, but the most important is its aerodynamic kit, including a rear spoiler that provides more downforce. The interior receives more luxury equipment and better endings, as a new stereo or upholstered in high quality leather. In summary, the Switzer “Red Katana” increases its weight by 136 kg compared to the base GT-R, but also at the expense of providing greater luxury. Of course, it is also nearly three times more powerful than a standard unit …

To which we: indeed, if anything stands this R1K Switzer-X GT-R is a monster of acceleration. Valga as evidence the video below, which is able to complete the quarter mile in just 8.97 seconds, reaching 265 km / h after traveling only those 400 meters from standstill. About the Nissan VR38 engine has worked extensively with reinforced pistons and connecting rods, cylinder specific Switzer and greater cooling.

Supercharger, exhaust and electronic management are also new invoice. The result, a 0-100 km / h in about 2.2 seconds, more than 1,400 hp and no less than 1300 effective hp wheel, using high octane gasoline, and making its own right in one of the Nissan GT-R on the road faster without having to sacrifice comfort or interior refinement. If we wanted the ultimate machine in addition to acceleration, lower insurance plus a couple of kilos of overweight cententar would make him almost unbeatable.

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