Suzuki Jimny, irreverent and always on the ball

Samurai, Santana, Jimny, you name it and you like, because after nearly forty-five years at the foot of the canyon, this modest and peculiar terrain is still the favorite of those who understand the car as the means to enjoy the contact with nature. For over four decades, oblivious to fads, this model Suzuki has remained true to the original concept of small off-road, practical, without many details, affordable, small-displacement engines.

The Suzuki Jimny should receive a cosmetic upgrade without other ambition than to update your silhouette and practice a slight lift to your face. In Spain, remember that only ships with a gasoline engine of 1.3 liters and 16 valves that develops 85 horsepower at 6,000 rpm, five-speed manual and three-door body, being suitable only for the carrier available for four passengers.

Far from the current trend of crossover vehicles aimed at the city, the Suzuki Jimny still has standard all-wheel drive and gearbox.

Apparently details have been improved as the front grille, air ducts on the hood and fenders. Equipment alternatives in Spain go through levels JX, JLX and JLX Mode splitting the most basic of € 11,995 and lacking many essential extra comfort in any car today, such as central locking, front power windows or sound equipment. The Suzuki Jimny is a car designed by and affordable for the field, for which certain facilities are required equipment levels and JLX JLX Mode.

In Spain also may opt to a more jacket with greater protections in the body and generally conceived as battle terrain, called Suzuki Jimny Ranger. Its base price of 12,650 €.

Among the low cost alternative road is always also the Lada Niva in its three decades of history has changed very little and has retained the spirit of “SUV of the Russian people.”

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