The SUV derived from the Citroën DS Wild Rubis only come to the Asian market

Citroen_DS_Wild_Rubis_Concept_700_01From disappointment could describe this news coming from Frankfurt. In the mouth of CEO, Frederic Banzet, we learned that while the Citroen DS Concept Wild Rubis yes come to become a production model, it will only Asian market views. At this time, is not in the plans of the company marketing in Europe. It was no accident it was launched in the Shanghai Auto Show.

The aim of Citroën sell half of its production outside of Europe next year, but almost hard to believe that they are developing a model so new, relevant and iconic as this, ruling out the possibility of selling it outside of Asia. You can believe that the Chinese market is pushing hard to make this movement Citroën, and you can believe that in Europe are not as clear.

The final model, which is not yet known but the final name is speculated DS7 or DSX7 combinations, will begin production in late 2014 and early 2015. The production will take place in China and its target market is the Asian giant and some neighboring countries. From this information and if the plans do not change, the future luxury SUV Citroën born and die exclusively in Asia, thousands of miles from home France.

Citroen_DS_Wild_Rubis_Concept_700_02This movement, of course, makes sense. China is now the largest auto market in the world with close to 2013 forecast of 21 million units versus 15.8 in the U.S. and 12.1 million in Europe. But not only that, but also the fact that it is still a place where all brands are running out of shape its perception by the market.

Somehow, China Citroen (with your brand DS) is still time to be premium, but not with the same effort that implies that “chip change” in Europe, but starting from zero or near zero. This would explain the release of a model as exclusive only there (along with the size and forecasts of the Chinese luxury market, of course) and attached to how difficult it would be for Citroën compete in the Old Continent with the cream of Audi, BMW and Mercedes as on his land.

Citroen_DS_Wild_Rubis_Concept_700_03Lastly, as a final thought, in a few years will have to travel to China to see live some luxury models European brand … sounds weird, right?

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