Subaru Australia sells 91 units of BRZ on the Internet in just 3 hours

The Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT 86 are a success. A media success, just look at the expectations that have managed to raise among all motor racing fans in Spain and around the world, despite manifest in markets in a more sound than others. I have already been encountered with some other owner who has purchased and is already enjoying his Toyota GT 86 in our streets, but in Australia there has been a fact that contrasts badly with the overwhelming state of the automobile market in Europe.

Subaru Australia has sold all units to be sold over the internet for that country. A total of 91 copies of the new coupe Nippon who have flown thus exhausting stocks that were planned to be marketed online around 2012 of a total of 201 units assigned to this country. But what more have to feel satisfied at Subaru, in addition to selling the 91 units, according to the source, reason enough to be content and is doing so in record time. Only 3 hours have needed to sell 91 units of Subaru BRZ in Australia. Only 3 hours.

With a method of selling through Internet, in which to formalize the application had to make an advance payment of between 3,000 and 5,000 Australian dollars, from 2,500 to over 4,000 euros, the 91 units had already been awarded in the 3 opening hours enabled Web portal for sale in Australia.

Priced at about 31,200 euros at the exchange, $ 37,150 Australians, Subaru will continue to receive orders, but can not deliver to customers its new BRZ until early 2013. First 8 buyers are encouraged to begin booking your BRZ within 5 minutes after the opening of specific portal. At 20 minutes, and had produced the first sale, in half an hour, had been sold to 50 BRZ.

Recall that in Japan, sales forecasts multiplied by 4 at the beginning of the marketing model, which is already drawing some to put on sale, with a slight price premium, the odd unit. Of course this is not expected so overwhelming success but the BRZ and 86 GT still amazing, still giving that talk and apparently do not sell anything wrong.

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