Storing Your Car

A car is a possession that you might not be able to take with you when you move or travel to another country. One way that you can keep the car until you have somewhere permanent for it is to use a short-term car storage. These are similar to storage units that you would use to keep boxes and furniture if you are between two houses or if you don’t have any room in your home for items.

Before putting your car in storage, you should do a little prep work so that it stays in the best condition possible. Wash the car thoroughly on the outside so that there isn’t any dust or debris that could cause rust to start forming. Make sure the location is dry and there are no windows that can let in sun that will cause damage to the paint. Check all of the fuses to make sure they are working properly, and keep a full tank of gas in the car before putting it in storage so that you don’t have a car with small debris in the gas tank when you go to move it later. A plastic sheet over the tires can help keep them from losing air pressure. If possible, check on the car while it’s in storage to ensure that it hasn’t been tampered with and to look at the condition.

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