So the new SRT Viper sounds and ten cylinders in early tests

SRT Viper

The new SRT Viper is the American supercar that we took a lot of time waiting. The heir to the lineage Viper seen in its third generation machine more usable on a day to day, with a more luxurious interior and less harsh, but with the same character. Although you now have stability control is 100% disconnected and still retains the manual transmission as the only option. Under the hood remains the 8.4 V10 engine two valves per cylinder and 640 hp.

An atmospheric beast with torque turbo V8 that some would like to have. Among the new SRT Viper GTS is its brand, no longer made under the umbrella of Dodge, but under SRT, and athletic performance based arm of Chrysler Group. Another important change is that the body is no longer Viper fiberglass, is a mixture of aluminum and carbon fiber thereby achieves a saving of several kilos, which is always appreciated – and unusual – a change in generational.

Testers Car & Driver USA emphasize that the ride quality has improved considerably, the interior is a much higher level than its predecessors. The interior quality is also far from the rudeness and hard plastics of the car that was sold until just over a year. However, I can not help thinking that the car has been gentrified, but his leadership remains the same or higher level.

The previous Viper was not a car designed with comfort in mind, did not even have stability control, a machine was aggressive, noisy, uncomfortable and even exhaust you could burn if you were not careful to get off the car. Remains to be seen if it falls short of what is expected of a Viper, the test that has been submitted has been very short and really moderate. We’ll have to wait to see dancing, burning wheel and do things that he is a “snake”.

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