Seat Mii Blackadder, a special edition for UK only

Who said the smallest of Seat could not be sporty? The Seat Mii Blackadder is a new special edition of Spanish urban, who sees the light only in the British market. This is a customization pack for Seat Mii , Seat in words, the closer in spirit to sports models like the Ibiza FR and Leon Cupra. Sold as an optional accessory that increases the customization of the smallest of the family Seat.

It is compatible in the UK with any Mii finish, and any engine 1.0. The body color is independent, but apply the same two longitudinal bands of black, black color wheels 14 or 15 inches. The spoiler also painted in black as well as skirts and mirrors. Actually almost everything that is not the body panels and bumpers have become jet-black shades.

Inside the car we see that the dashboard is covered with a sticker that simulates a racing flag. I will not get to assess their suitability or target audience, but that was not subjectively prefer. The handle of the shifter also is black satin. Although now more sporty look, the top of power are still the 75 hp that is capable of delivering 1.0 MPI engine, and therefore, benefits are discrete.

The set of stickers sold for 160 pounds in the British dealers, while the full pack will cost 1,628 pounds Black Snake with 14-inch tires and 1,740 pounds with 15 inch wheels.

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