Rumors point to a possible BMW M770i ​​XDrive: will we see a 7 Series with the touch of the M?

The new generation BMW 7 Series could count among its ranks a close model to what we might consider a M7. A M7 would not get with that name, but in the wake of the name of the first M model diesel, M550d, this would M7 M770i with the name of rumor, a name that somehow we had been introduced following the long list of names appeared in the patent office, where it appeared as M770i, but as M750i.

Some rumors that come from the hand of Automobile Magazine and would leave us with the 7 Series sportier character to date, not the most powerful title that holds the 760i, although it would be in figures below the Mercedes S63 AMG, which of course does not detract from sportsmanship to the nearly 500 horses are expected to have this new model with the touch of M.

According to Automobile Magazine, the M770i come with a 4-liter V8 engine equipped with a twin turbo would give a power of about 482 hp with a torque of 650 Nm, a figure that would locate below the M5, and even below the 12-cylinder the current 760i, but remember that it is an M7 as such, but a model halfway between achieved models of the brand and the “normal” range.

Along with this power of nearly 500 horses, a drive system 4-wheel Xdrive and also special attention to the pursuit of lighter weight, adopting the carbon fiber roof, trunk and hood. Also adopt a series of elements to convey that even sportier by the hand of M specific elements such as steering wheel, shift knob, sport seats and detailed interiors and carbon ceramic brakes and specific tires. Mechanically also could also have a transmission of 8 relations with a moron sportier and M on the outside package.

No doubt these rumors to create a M770i XDrive collide head with 12 cylinders in V of the 760i that was not renewed in the last revision of the model was confirmed but its permanence, capable of developing 544 horsepower, which would position him, despite not have a philosophy as sports, above this M770i. However, it seems that BMW light of these rumors and names found in the patent office, wants a M7 or at least a 7 Series with the touch of the M. If true these rumors would be more logical to use the XDrive M750i name that appeared in the patent office and not proposed by these rumors that point to the M770i Xdrive.

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