Rolls-Royce Ghost Chengdu Golden Sun Bird Edition

rolls-ghost-chengdu-sun-bird-p-2Rolls-Royce for the Chinese market is an important source of income, alongside the Middle East market. With the main sales group focused on China, it is not surprising that the British increasingly open dealerships in the country. Interestingly, import taxes for Rolls-Royce make almost double its price – we are talking about half a million euros for a Ghost – and yet the Chinese millionaires snapped up.

The British manufacturer has recently opened a dealership in the Chinese city of Shenyang, capital of Liaoning Province. Taking this opportunity, has revealed on Facebook the Ghost Chengdu Golden Sun Bird Edition, which will be showcased at this dealership. This is a single unit commissioned by a wealthy Chinese client, inspired by the Chengdu Golden Sun Bird, a strange old ornate ring, unearthed in Chengdu about 10 years ago.

Porcelain, solid gold, gold tones and many Yuan

rolls-ghost-chengdu-sun-bird-p-1In the photo that is on these lines can be seen to Ghost – accompanied by a huge Phantom – next to the sculpture of this ring in Chengdu, China. The two-tone body of this unit is graced with a painting almost golden, complemented with airbrush with oriental motifs throughout the body. The Rolls-Royce emblem – The Spirit of Ecstasy – is covered in gold paint, or even could be a thick gold leaf, with various prints.

Inside the car customization only ends where the customer desires. On this occasion, Rolls has used porcelain inserts and solid gold effortlessly adjusted by the leather and natural wood is already standard on the Ghost. In the head restraints has recorded a motif inspired by the famous ring with gold thread. Needless to say, the work must have been really expensive.

rolls-ghost-chengdu-sun-bird-p-3Which is not a problem in a culture in which wealth and opulence must be demonstrated at all times. The Ghost Chengdu Golden Sun Bird Edition is based on a long wheelbase Ghost, which retains its double-turbocharged V12 6.6 engine, generating a power of 570 hp.

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