Renault promises a surprise for Goodwood

In the past Monaco Grand Prix Renault surprised us all with the return of Alpine. A return with an authentic flavor to circuit, with a prototype derivative dezir, capable of reaching 400 horsepower with a weight of only 880 kg. His appearance is a true reflection of the competition.

Now, while still not even a month has passed since we learned about the Alpine A110-50, Renault strikes again and summons us to the arrival of the Goodwood Festival, held from June 28 to July 1, to uncover an another surprise in this event with speed. 17 days waiting to see the new Renault surprise, will the new Renault Clio? A variant of the prototype of the Alpine A110-50?

alpine-a110-50-05Recently we discussed the possibility that the Alpine A110-50 pass to be a production model. According to rumors, Carlos Tavares, COO of Renault, would have declared the French journalists that Alpine could return to commercial life and not just stay as a showcar. Furthermore, Carlos Tavares pointed to a 50% chance that it complied with that fact.

The rumors pointed to the presence of a single model in this resurrection of Alpine, ie, we find a range, but only with the production model and even pointing at a price between 30,000 and 100,000 euros. A strip too large to draw conclusions.

Renault_32455Maybe Renault Goodwood advantage not only to introduce the A110-50, but also to confirm their arrival in production after analyzing the viability of the project and the host of potential customers and the public after its introduction at Monaco. Perhaps, we present a new variant of A110-50 are perhaps less conceptual model and closer to a production model, perhaps the next generation Renault Clio in prototype form, or may not be any of this and has prepared another surprise .


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