Renault Megane R.S. Red Bull Racing RB7

On the occasion of the victory of Red Bull at Silverstone for the Grand Prix Formula 1 last weekend, Renault introduced a limited edition Renault Megane RS follows in the footsteps of his younger brothers, the Twingo and Clio Red Bull Racing RB7.

In early season, back in March, Renault showed us very special four units of sporting excellence, each wearing the colors of one of the teams riding this year Renault: Red Bull, Caterham, Lotus and Williams . However, those units were a mere homage and not going to hit the market.

As of September will go on sale in France on M├ęgane RS Red Bull Racing RB7 and will in over 24 countries. This special edition features a black body color, roof boxes and logos of Red Bull, but especially by the yellow worn by the front spoiler, diffuser and mirror housings. Inside are a number plate, Recaro seats and a type bucket specific gear knob.

The main technical novelty is the introduction of a Stop & Start the engine 2 liters, producing 265 hp and 360 Nm of torque. Because of this consumption is around 7.5 liters per hundred kilometers (seven tenths) and carbon dioxide emissions are 174 grams per kilometer. The system is operating in normal mode (250 hp) and deactivated in Sport mode, which already enjoy the 265 hp.

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