Renault is looking for co-developing the Alpine A110-50: in search of French anti Alfa Romeo 4C

Carlos Tavares, head of operations of Renault, wants to see the Alpine A110-50 on the street. Like us. While the brand new Renault Clio now coming from the diamond mark, a second line information circulating around the French brand that relates to the prototype of the Alpine A110-50 and its arrival to the streets with a second manufacturer.

Renault could be looking for a partner with whom to develop the Alpine A110-50 production and achieve a profitable operation. Development of the new French sports seems to be in the spotlight, get to become a reality and stop being a conceptual model would rely heavily on the arrival of this agreement with a second signature.

To mark the Goodwood Festival, last weekend, Renault led, in addition to a camouflaged version of the new Renault Clio RS, the prototype of the Alpine A110-50, the signature model presented in the Grand Prix of Monaco to commemorate the Alpine 50 years and according to rumors have pointed to 50% chance of coming true.

Now, according to Autocar, the arrival of this sport, the revival of Alpine, would yet find a brand to co develop the project, noting that Tavares was in negotiations with one, but without stating directly that mark was. A similar agreement between Renault and Mercedes to develop a commercial vehicle, the Mercedes quote, which would help Renault and the second mark to provide a platform for a sports car with more bearable costs.

Tavares, told Autocar that getting the deal would take 3 to 5 years to complete the production model and also the wide range of prices to be mentioned with the first rumors about the arrival of Alpine Street, pointing that would be priced between 30,000 and 100,000 euros, now a little more specific and points to a price of 56,000 euros, or whatever it is, up to the Porsche Cayman or the estimated price for Alfa Romeo 4C.

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