Renault Espace 2013

Renault has decided to finally face washing officer of Renault Espace, after over a month ago leaked the first information and photos. The great minivan Gallo your adventure continues unabated in the European market after more than eight years on sale in its current configuration (the fourth generation was released in 2003). Renault has tried to optimize the attributes of one of the few major European carriers that survived the fever of the SUV.

First, have been made cosmetically to discreetly approach the image of the Espace to other models of the brand. Thus, the front has slightly changed headlights, new bumpers and redesigned fog lights. Now Renault logo bigger in size and is framed by two chrome bars. In the rear there are no pictures and it seems that remains unchanged. In the lateral line only include new wheel designs.

Inside, we met a seven-seat cabin, which now shows slight changes in the upholstery and trim. Renault has introduced a sunroof larger size than had so far. As new technological equipment, there is a parking camera or DVD player more powerful with two seven-inch screens in the rear seats. From now on, the Renault Espace will come standard with a TomTom device, USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

The firm has announced four engines for the Renault Espace, but do not know which ones come to Spain. The diesel range is set around 2.0 dCi block offered in powers of 130, 150 and 175 hp. In all three cases the average consumption was reduced from 6.5 to 5.7 l/100 km, while CO2 emissions drop from 170 to 150 g / km. In the case of mounting an automatic transmission, available for the three motors, the consumption amounted to 6.4 and emissions to 169 g / km.

The optimization of these three motors is due to the installation of a recovery system of the braking energy, and using a new oil pump and a new cooling system. The fourth engine offered is a 2.0 turbo petrol 170 hp, which has an average consumption of 8.5 l/100 km and CO2 emissions of 198 g / km. In all versions has been improved by 3% the drag coefficient by the use of low-resistance tires and cowl of the bass.

The Renault Espace 2013 will reach the main European markets in the coming weeks. The firm will continue to try to squeeze the most out of today’s generation minivan waiting for the next two to three years get a new release of a model from which revolutionized the European market in 1982, has convinced more than 1.2 million buyers.

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