Renault Clio Grand Tour, the Clio family will also be present in the new generation

Only days ago we received between us the first details of the new generation Renault Clio, which has already raised the first controversy even before it was put up for sale. The firm has announced that the diamond is not going to make a three-door variant of its popular utility, which leaves the question of how they think make the next installment of the Renault Clio RS – initial reports point to a five-door, turbo and automatic. However, no one had noticed the existence of a station wagon.

Commercially known as Renault Clio Grand Tour, has been in business since 2007 and in the European market has been the main winner of the limited segment of the utility derived from family, where we can find models like the Seat Ibiza ST or Skoda Fabia Combi. Although sales are not anything to write, Renault has decided to keep this offer on the new generation. Although they have not communicated anything official about it, the network has appeared a picture that shows what the final look of the car.

Only have this picture, but coincidentally shows the perspective that most concerns us because the front is probably identical to the five-door model already presented. Thus, we are behind the shape of a family car / station wagon with a roof right that increases the cargo volume at the expense of breaking the harmony of design. The format of the taillights reminiscent of the Renault Megane CC, although the rest of the set is similar to other Renault rancheras.

The carrier does not expect major changes from the five-door version, but the logical increase of interior space or a small detail of design or equipment to distinguish it from the compact body. Under the hood also expect similar engines, including the new three-cylinder gasoline, though probably less powerful engines should not be in the offer.

As mentioned, has never spoken officially Renault Clio Grand Tour, but has all the earmarks of that is almost ready for launch. Perhaps we see in the upcoming Paris Motor Show, where he will share center stage with the five-door Renault Clio recently introduced. Long would the implementation of both models in the European market, the step prior to start of sales in major markets of the signing of the diamond.

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