Who is qualified in obtaining a merchant cash advance

merchant cash advance (MCA) is a funding program distinctive is the same with traditional factoring, but shopping sales depend on future business. With the MCA, the merchant will receive the money as an advance payment discount for potential credit card revenues. The future payment process is done through a monthly deduction percentage based on the agreement of both parties.

Bank financing alternatives, such as CRM offer very flexible repayment term. Other than that, there are other benefits that a small business can get a business cash advance. It has attractive features that can help business owners solve their financial problems easily.

Features of Merchant Cash Advances

• Provides a quick and easy application and funding process.

• There are only minimal requirements.

• No need to pay any processing fee.

• No need for a good credit score and financial history to get the cash advance.

With the advantages and characteristics, in respect of MCA, the question is: Who is qualified to obtain the business cash advance?

Based on what an MCA is required to request that the company is capable of supporting a sales transaction with debit and credit. Although your company has a very limited assets, you can still get a high chance of being approved by the supplier, provided a constant stream in receiving your credit line.

No matter what business or industry you have, but can be a restaurant, shop retail, franchise, or any form of small and medium enterprises, which can be described in advance. MCA provider may require a common requirement to meet minimum sales business operation and monthly sales of the card. The minimum amount will depend on sales of the company that usually ranges between four months and years. That will also be the time for the payment process.

The requirements are mostly applicable to companies offering alternative bank loan, but can vary from one company to another. Others may ask for different requirements. For you to take advantage of the best deal, you first need to compare the features between different companies in the MCA. This is important for you to get much-needed funding for your business.

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