Puritalia 427, a Shelby Cobra to Italy with 605 hp

It seems that this week is the presentation of sports convertible roadster inspired by classics. After seeing on Monday Lucra LC470, created by a British manufacturer of small scale, now it’s the turn of the Puritalia 427. This Italian company, created by Paolo Parente, has sought to provide a car that combines modern design with scraps of old vehicles, accompanied by a thoroughly modern mechanical basis, with materials completely current.

Thus, the promoters say the 427 is designed Puritalia inspired by the Shelby Cobra, the legendary tandem created by AC Cars and developed by Carroll Shelby with the help of Ford. We found a tandem architecture with rounded lines, although with many incoming and curves that make you lose some of that classic essence they want to keep. Cleaning the front, which is similar to the Porsche 550 Spyder, the radical contrasts with the lateral line and the sharp taillights.

The manufacturer has chosen to mount a chassis made of aluminum with steel chrome. This combination allows a highly rigid chassis weighing very content. The set weighs 1,089 kg, with a weight distribution of 50:50 (front / rear). The chassis is supported by Brembo brakes home with six-piston calipers and 380 mm discs at the front axle and 345 mm discs at the rear axle. The suspensions are multilink with adjustable shock absorbers.

As optimized chassis makes it clear that under the hood sits a very interesting engine. Those responsible have chosen to mount a 5.0 V8 engine, available in both atmospheric and supercharged variant. In the first case, the power is 445 bhp and torque of 530 Nm. For those who do not have enough with this, the version with compressor power increases up to 605 hp with maximum torque of 640 Nm. In both cases a gearbox equipped with six-speed manual, which transmits power to the rear wheels using a limited slip differential.

Unfortunately, Puritalia has not communicated what are the benefits that registers the car in either of its two variants. We do not know what is the price that the car will not be available in which markets. In fact, there is still no existing standard units, but for now we place our vote of confidence in this company Neapolitan, who at least has managed to take the first steps for the development of a mix between a Shelby Cobra and a two-seater Italian (or at so says Paolo Parente).

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