Pure beauty: this could be the silhouette of McLaren F1 successor

A teaser, the Anglo-Saxon word used for a preview of those that suggest more than they teach. That was enough to get erizarme McLaren hair and even my hopes for the sport that very soon we will present in the Paris Salon. Gradually we are revealing more things but are not willing to spoil the surprise and will to pray until next September 27. We feel like the young man awaits his nuptials and knows he will have to go through a great bachelor party with no idea of the surprise that his friends have prepared for him.

McLaren Automotive has already been settled, has its sports market benchmark, the MP4-12C in its variants Coupé and Spider, and a distribution network spread across the globe. The next step for Ron Dennis was to regain leadership of the old McLaren F1 and regain a supercar worthy of admiration for its performance and its sculpted silhouette, which is sensed in the last image that McLaren offered.

An innovative supercar designed to beat the Enzo and the Veyron future

We’re on good knowing some details of what could be presented at the Paris Motor Show, which until now have come to be known as McLaren P12. My partner Pepe had occasion to travel to the UK to offer proof of the McLaren MP4-12C and know certain details of this highly anticipated supercar.

Consider that the team to beat Ferrari for McLaren will remain, and in this case specifically the Enzo’s successor, but today the true king of speed is the Bugatti Veyron, Will they overcome?

It is also very likely to maintain their exclusivity has a price to match and a limited edition, like his grandfather the McLaren F1’s that were built just over a hundred units. Another nice little surprise may be the inclusion of aerodynamic solutions and “savings” never seen fuel.

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