Pink Lady, the feminine side of the Chevrolet Spark

What does it take for a car can be defined as feminine? It has long been a whole series of models that have been traditionally associated with women, favorites, some utilities segment A whose femininity was supported by a favorable distribution of sales ladies and ladies. In his day and we wondered in particular what the girls are set to buy a car? In the present case, perhaps the question is even easier to solve.

Italy will soon be launched in the model Chevrolet Spark Pink Lady, a touch fashion and not suitable for anyone looking for a discreet car while his body has been decorated in a striking pink gum that would focus this vehicle to girls without complexes or inclination to go unnoticed . The work is crowned with a white stickers, but you can also choose the reverse, ie white body adhesive Olympic White and pink.

Currently there are no signs as yet that the Chevrolet Spark Pink Lady is to be marketed in other European markets beyond Italy.

chevrolet sparkThe details of this customization for the women also would extend the carrier with a redesigned instrument panel, dashboard and controls topped in pink. Among its equipment does not need the usual safety envelope (6 airbags, ABS and electronic traction control TCS), stereo with CD player and MP3 auxiliary jack and USB.

The Chevrolet Spark Pink Lady in the end tried to appeal to their inherent status of women, in both segment A, to provide a very casual alternative to attract an audience looking for striking a car that reflects your personality. Now, I do a lot of questions. Will there be niche for such a thing? If the Chevrolet Spark also attracts the most part, not only ladies, but ladies of a certain age and with children, do not be too bold a version with a body like this pink gum?

And finally for our readers, would you be willing to buy a car with pink body?

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