Peugeot Onyx: the sporty Peugeot presented at the Paris Motor Show

Peugeot Onyx

Peugeot is kept a surprise for the Paris Motor Show. The company has presented gala after a first image on Facebook, a video that shows a new sports concept that we know in the Paris Motor Show. A sport that comes with the Peugeot name Onyx, still not made official data beyond the first strokes of his design and his name presented through a video of the brand.

We are mistaken if we thought that the Peugeot 208 GTi was going to be the only example of sportsmanship that the French would show us in Paris Motor Show, playing at home. Now the Onyx Peugeot introduces us the chance to see the ranks of Peugeot to a new member of the new generation of hybrid sports ahead.

Peugeot OnyxPeugeot OnyxThe video shows in small fragments some details of the new Peugeot sports. Details like the front, where it stands, between what we have seen, the optical design and deep ripped. But from the back, getting stop the video at the right time, is where we can best see the Onyx, showing a quick first really striking a rear flat, sharp optics, which extend beyond the rear and a large spoiler that a few seconds later, in another take, Peugeot shows how unfolds, allowing us to see also the grids located on the back.

Furthermore, in the first seconds of video we find a plane in which the handles of paint covering a surface of carbon fiber, will the Peugeot Onyx body made of carbon fiber?

Peugeot OnyxPeugeot OnyxThey have not officially transcended mechanical details for the moment. From Autoblog Onyx indicate that the sports is a hybrid, which will lower their body bicolor (in bronze tone and black) 1.6 THP with propellant led to 256 horsepower and a 120 horsepower electric motor, if resorting to a provision of the Hybrid4 system seen in other models of the brand would leave us with a total power of 376 horses, the ability to move in all-electric mode and counting all 4-wheel drive.

Peugeot OnyxPeugeot OnyxIn the Paris Motor Show Onyx know more details and we can see live this new concept of Peugeot Sport. For these first images seems not disappoint and seeing the looming trend among supercars, almost all with a hybrid system would make sense to find a mechanical hybrid in Onyx.

What do you think the new sporty Peugeot in these first images?

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