Peugeot Onyx: new photos and details of Peugeot concept sports

Peugeot Onyx

Today we speak French. After the first images of Peugeot Onyx, have leaked the Peugeot 2008. Now the Peugeot Onyx again become the protagonist after the arrival of new images and let us see in detail the design of this new French sports. Nothing to do with the video teaser as we saw this morning, now we can see perfectly to Peugeot Onyx.

New images show that in addition to previously hidden features in Onyx, especially its front and interior (not have any waste), remain firm data on its hybrid engine, with a total of 376 horses. A surprise, pleasantly surprised, that adds a very passionate to news of French firms to the Paris Salon, where he will meet with the Peugeot GTi. Now, we know a little better, at least aesthetically, the new sports concept, Peugeot.

Peugeot OnyxA gallery of images of this new sport, published by, we can see a front with a stunning ripped look that draws our attention to the central grid, house brand. A flank marking by the bicolor design of its body paint in black and bronze, which leads to a rear waist with a llamariva very straight line that is positioned on a grid with a design sheets.

The interior continues the spectacular with a carrier which continues with the sporty and futuristic exterior. Stresses the central bridge that extends from the back to separate the two occupants. A peculiar course flyer design, carbon fiber, break the hegemony of what apparently looks like carpet and occupying almost the entire interior. Particularly striking is the absence of seats, or the lack of seats as those we might imagine. Onyx occupants sit on the carpet itself that sets the cabin.

Peugeot OnyxPeugeot OnyxThere are no confirmed information about the model from Peugeot. They should take to get the confirmation from the French firm now that the model has already been shown to Onyx from all perspectives.

The information that is so far still pointing to the presence of a 1.6 THP block elevated to 256 horses handles move to the rear axle, while the front axle is powered by a 120 horsepower electric motor. This allows the Peugeot Onyx enjoy, with 376 horses, an AWD system, the style Hybrid4, allowing surely move in all-electric mode. It points to a combined consumption of 4l/100 km.

Peugeot OnyxPeugeot OnyxA real surprise of this Peugeot Onyx. A surprising outside line, an equally amazing and sporty interior and a mechanical hybrid. We will see it live in Paris.

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