Peugeot Onyx: is official Peugeot hybrid concept for the Paris Motor Show

Peugeot Onyx

Following leakage of yesterday, today confirmations arrive. The Onyx is official Peugeot, Peugeot has confirmed all the information and concept car presented at the Paris Motor Show. A concept car that focuses on a groundbreaking sporty design, the use of new materials and a mechanical hybrid HDi diesel engine with a 600 hp V8.

It confirms its mechanical hybrid, a mechanism that is far, except for being a hybrid of rumors that it would meet with a 1.6 THP engine and a rectifier. It is confirmed now with diesel and electric block plus arrival presents two other concept, this time from two wheels: Bike Concept Scooter Concept Onyx and Onyx.

Variety of unusual materials in automotive copper, felt, newspapers …
Peugeot OnyxSuccessor of a sports franchise as Quasar or the 908, the Peugeot Onyx joins his particular line and attractive combination of two materials: carbon and copper. On the one hand a material which despite its exoticism we have become accustomed, carbon makes up much of its body, while the other, one bit or unusual in the car body, copper, creating double that hue that suits him so well to Onyx. Copper does not resort to any treatment for their protection, so over time this material will be transformed.

Inside we find ourselves with the use of materials not too common in the automotive industry. Its interior is made of felt, in one piece, without using seams or adhesives, providing an extra comfort where needed medianta foam insertion under the felt. A unified feeling a curious given the seat.

Peugeot OnyxPeugeot OnyxThe dashboard uses another curious material known as Wood Newspaper. Conveys the feeling of wood, but it is not, it is compacted and cut used newspapers. Aluminum and carbon are also present in many details, putting an extra touch technology on board with the projection at the top of the images captured by the cameras of mirrors.

Dimensions of this Peugeot is 4.65 meters long, 2.20 meters wide and 1.13 meters high, with a drag coefficient of 0.30 and a weight of 1,100 kg, 100 kg of which belong to the structure. For the windows and transparent roof, it has resorted to PMMA, polymethyl metilio while for the structure has been used Onyx monolithic carbon.

Peugeot OnyxYour engine: V8 HDi FAP 600 hp and a 80 hp electric block
Peugeot OnyxThis carbon monocoque is a V8 HDi FAP Hybrid 3.7-liter. This block 600 declares a horse power, transmitted through a sequential gearbox 6 speed at the rear wheels.

This diesel engine is accompanied by an electric motor that adds at specific times to 600 hp 80 hp diesel thanks to the energy stored in the lithium ion battery during braking.

Onyx Concept Bike and Scooter Onyx Concept: a time trial bike and a concept hybrid scooter
But besides this prototype Peugeot has also submitted the name of Onyx a bicycle time trial, the Onyx Concept Bike, and a hybrid scooter, the Onyx Concept Scooter, which comes with a three-wheel arrangement associated with a heat engine of 400 cc and an electric motor that together deliver 61 hp with a torque of 58 Nm to take this bike to 150 km / h with a range in electric mode up to 30 km, provided they do not exceed 50 km / h and a consumption approved of 2l/100 km. At the moment there are no pictures of these two concepts.

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