Peugeot-Citroen fired 8,000 workers and closed a factory in France

In Spain we are fully aware of the delicate economic situation our auto market is suffering, but we are not the only trouble in Europe. Other countries of the Old World also experience decreases in sales volumes, resulting in many companies suffer the economic consequences of this. Specifically, PSA, which binds to the French firms Peugeot and Citroen, has accumulated in recent months about millions in losses.

For several weeks with potential job cuts and cost adjustments to the Gallic group was preparing, but until this week has not been confirmed definitively the final plan to be carried out. The situation must be so delicate that have decided to close the factory in Aulnay (France). The production will make its final point in 2014, leaving behind a past of 39 years of building cars for both brands. 20 years ago that did not close any car plant in France.

Currently, the plant was responsible for absorbing the production of the Citroen C3. Throughout the year 2011 left its assembly line a total of 135,787 units of the French utility, which manufacture will now be moved to Poissy (France), where it joins the new Peugeot 208. This is not the only plant affected, since PSA has decided to reduce the rate of production at its plant in Rennes, also in French territory, where there are several models, the Citroën C5, C6 Citroen or Peugeot 508.

Although this is the most gimmicky, because of the unpopularity that has generated in France, the sad reality is that it is only the tip of the iceberg. The directors of the group have announced they will lay off about 8,000 workers in the coming months as necessary to eliminate the economic bleeding suffered lately. Only in the first half of 2012 recorded 700 million euros of losses, due mainly to a few millionaires operating costs amounting to about 200 million euros a month.

According to several analysts, PSA has maintained its share of sales in the utility vehicle segment in Europe, why do not generate as much income as before. Data such as the fact that production capacity is occupied to 76% (from 86% just a year ago) confirm this. Those responsible for defending the decision saying it is the only measure to try to fix the situation, although French politicians reproaching them that not many years ago who had billions of euros in profits.

The measures taken by the leadership of PSA will not be immediate but will be implemented gradually. The effects are already being felt in the perception of public relations as, for example, shares of the company stood at the lowest value for 23 years. For now, try PSA revive the poor economic situation, we do not know what other measures taken apart from the above cuts and economic.

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