Inden Design gives a shot of steroids to the Mercedes SLS AMG

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Get an Estimate Before Paying for Car Repairs

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Get Auto transporters

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A Ferrari 250 GTO becomes most expensive car in the world

In just four months have been auctioned two Ferrari 250 GTO which sold for stratospheric numbers, the first since I’ve shown, the second a few days ago. This second Ferrari 250 GTO More »


Alfa Romeo 12C: what if the Alfa Romeo 8C will leave a big brother?

There is little doubt about if we talk about the design of the Alfa Romeo 8C. One of these works of art on four wheels once in a while we let some More »


Mazda MX-5 Yusho: a new special edition of 241 hp thanks to a compressor

After seeing the destruction of two Mazda MX-5 of the first generation with a replica of a Ferrari 250 GTO and a BMW Z3, turn left to suffer with a new edition More »


Mercedes SLS AMG GT 2013: 591 horses and dynamic improvements for the “gullwing”

The Mercedes SLS is renewed and the name GT done by adding your name to face 2013 with the same size as always elegant. The same size but new dynamic changes. The More »

Three Ways To Make Your Automotive Company More Successful

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Three Simple Ways To Optimize Your Fire Department’s Efficacy

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Mercedes-Benz 500K return home after nearly 70 years

Sometimes, in the History of the Automobile, are injustices that come from far behind, as happened to the founder of Renault. This time we have to go back to the burgeoning Nazi More »

Mini Rocketman renews for London Olympics 2012

The Mini-tunes Rocketman. The smaller mini Range dresses up to welcome the Olympic Games in London 2012 event in which BMW will supply about 3,500 vehicles to support the organization and athletes and also boasts the presence of 240 cars and Mini now, with the Mini Rocketman present also between similar deployment.

To do this, Mini has been given a facelift to the concept car we saw in 2011 on the occasion of the Geneva Motor Show, gracing the small house with new brighter colors and higher contrast than that gray model 2011, all set to honor the host city for the Olympics and remind while Mini, besides being in the process of renewing its base model, includes among its “possible” with this small but original asset that we moved to the concept, measures, the original Mini.

Mercedes CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake: filtering the sportier look of the Mercedes family

The arrival of your new Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake body has filtered its looks sportier version, the CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake. The performance based variant of the new Mercedes family can be seen in a video that shows us moving to this high-flying brake.

An official video to forward us the arrival of the model that aesthetically, it introduces all the features of the AMG department, not expecting any surprise in either twin-turbo V8 engine that poses a serious rival for the Jaguar XF V8 SportBrake and a very interesting vision of how to get a sporty family car.

Kia Sorento 2013, its new face on sale later this year

After being allowed to see the update for the U.S., the new Kia Sorento arrives in Europe with multiple enhancements designed to verify the progress of the second generation of the SUV jumped the field to the road with a new chassis designed specifically for a car with skills SUV. A cosmetic facelift and new features on their equipment that will arrive in dealerships later this year.

The Kia Sorento is the aesthetic homogenization strategy that passes through the acquisition of a grille-type “tiger nose” with LED daytime running light integrated into the headlights themselves. Defenses and an attractive new alloy wheels 19 “- depending on the market – culminating work of a large SUV that appears to be very muscular and elegant, with an affordable price but an inherent approach to differentiate premium fashion segment on today the compact SUV, represented by the Kia Sportage.

Storing Your Car

A car is a possession that you might not be able to take with you when you move or travel to another country. One way that you can keep the car until you have somewhere permanent for it is to use a short-term car storage. These are similar to storage units that you would use to keep boxes and furniture if you are between two houses or if you don’t have any room in your home for items.

Before putting your car in storage, you should do a little prep work so that it stays in the best condition possible. Wash the car thoroughly on the outside so that there isn’t any dust or debris that could cause rust to start forming. Make sure the location is dry and there are no windows that can let in sun that will cause damage to the paint. Check all of the fuses to make sure they are working properly, and keep a full tank of gas in the car before putting it in storage so that you don’t have a car with small debris in the gas tank when you go to move it later. A plastic sheet over the tires can help keep them from losing air pressure. If possible, check on the car while it’s in storage to ensure that it hasn’t been tampered with and to look at the condition.

Audi A8 4.2 TDI, proof: this is the flagship of Audi

When we speak of a flagship model of a premium brand like Audi A8, we know it’s a luxury saloon car designed to be a corporate or institutional representation, or in other cases just as personal car someone looking size, performance and quality. But in addition to its technological showcases for equipment, over the years, will become general in brand models and other, so pay special attention to them.

The unit we tested 4.2 TDI engine mounts 350 hp coupled with a change S-Tronic and eight-speed quattro AWD. The body is normal, with five seats and 5.13 meters long. A version with bodywork of 5.26 meters and four squares called “Audi A8 L W12“, as it is sold only with a gasoline engine of 500 hp.

The Audi A8 is a relatively inconspicuous car. Who knows what drives carries in his hands a vehicle of 140,000 euros (price of the version tested), but it can go relatively unnoticed confused with a more premium sedan.

Why is still selling the Mercedes G-Class?

Good question. We speak of a vehicle from which hurl the market in 1979 has received updates but still the same basic design. In addition, it sells a discrete number of units each year and not even made Mercedes, but Magna Steyr, and life as well.

The answer is, among other things, its high price, so that their production is profitable. This price is partly justified in their interiors and technology, high-end, which serve to keep you updated and still meets the standards of the day.

Its largest markets are the Chinese and Russian, where it remains willing to buy it crazy. Why do I say crazy? Because the G 65 AMG is the most expensive model of the entire brand (more than 260,000 euros) and 4 × 4 standard world’s most powerful (612 hp), and the basic G 350 BlueTEC “only” costs 85,000 euros and peak prices in Germany in both cases.

Two excellent PDF reader for Mac OS

Initially PDF (Portable Document Format) format was an extension created by Adobe. This type of files has become world famous and used. For this reason there are many types of programs that have adapted their support for reading files. “Pdf”. There are free and paid programs, basic and complex, beautiful and ugly. Barring all these factors is a specification that is above all, compatibility.

If Mac users well know that not all Windows programs that exist to have a version for Mac Os. For the same reason I bring two PDF readers compatible with Mac OS that they can be very useful.

Land Rover and Bowler consummate their relationship

Bowler is a British company specializing in producing high-performance SUV, the competition focused on mostly. For years have relied on mechanical platforms and Land Rover – specifically the Range Rover – which improved and brutalized to become real beasts to devour mud and stones. Land Rover was aware of it, but now it seems that both sides want a win-win in this particular relationship.

This is why Land Rover and Bowler signed a close partnership, a move that consumes your relationship and takes it further. For Land Rover has benefits in the sense that all Bowler will have a plaque that will read “Powered by Land Rover”, making clear the role they play in the success of Bowler. For Bowler benefits seem greater, as they will have direct access to developments and technologies that previously could not even dream.

Mazda MX-5 GT, because an MX-5 of 205 hp is also possible

After successes in the British GT Championship UK Championship, the Mazda MX-5 GT4 jumps off the track to the street with the more evocative and sport concept Mazda MX-5 according to Hiroshima. For now it is a prototype, however the brand has left the air the possibility of launching a sports car of its kind in terms of public reaction to attend his presentation during the events of the Festival of Speed at Goodwood.

The Mazda MX-5 GT Concept has received the classic 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine boosted to develop 205 hp and associated with the manual transmission as standard. Mazda’s idea has been to maintain the modest spirit, light and affordable Miata’s classic, in a more radical sport and has put the spotlight on the track. The suspensions were adjusted specifically to improve handling and allow small adjustments to improve circuit performance.

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