Opel Adam, to storm the fashion segment of the urban utility

In such a sensitive time like this Opel used to segment A and the recipe for chic car – in the words of the brand-fashion to revitalize its product catalog. Opel Adam will henceforth much to talk with a very bold design that reveals that it is the most original and fresh release of this German manufacturer in a while, a product intended to find its niche in a highly competitive segment like this thanks to the possibilities of customization, style and entertainment systems.

Opel Adam is defined with a premium for their equipment, aesthetics and probably for a price that is expected to be that of the utilities that dominate the city with less than 3.7 meters. Currently available only body with three doors and four independent seats, which in the case of the back row can be folded into two parts 50/50. In Opel are aware of the sustained growth of small cars in recent years, which will only increase from now on for economic and lifestyle himself urbanite European customer.

Reservations will begin after its presentation at the Paris Motor Show, ie, in early October. His arrival in the Spanish dealers will occur in January 2013.

Opel engines for ADAM: between 70 and 100 hp. Later a three-cylinder
The initial engine range will consist of three choices of petrol, a 70 hp 1.2, 1.4 and 87 hp at the tip of the spear a 1.4 100 hp, all associated with a five-speed manual gearbox. They will also be standard package ecoFLEX saving measures and system of stop-start Start / Stop. Although no data have revealed more, the Opel ADAM later released a new range of engines, direct injection turbo, more efficient and saving as well as a six-speed manual transmission new bill.

We can guess that it will make sense to introduce a new range of engines tri-cylinder, including a three-cylinder 1.0 similar to that used by the Opel Corsa, now in its 65 hp air homologous.

Finishing lines and equipment: JAM-fashioned, elegant or GLAM SLAM Sports
The finishing lines and equipment Shall be Divided Into Different three groups and three very Focused on Different Types of customer. The JAM trim level will be the MOST colorful and Opel as “unconventional, fashion.” GLAM level will be more elegant, refined and sophisticated. Finally the level SLAM will be more energetic and sporty. They will be configurable With A Wide Range of finishes body in combination with bi-color three different colors for the roof. Also in the cockpit will be Many Opportunities for decorative elements, With inserts of Different materials and colors, and can be among other things Equipped a roof of stars Designed with LEDs.

The ESP, Obviously, it is standard, and you start to help outstanding feature. There will be pull Between 15 and 18 sizes. “Models with wheels 17 and 18” will Have a sport chassis adjustments Called Sport and more direct steering and need.

The multimedia team Opel ADAM sync with Android and Apple iOS
In terms of connectivity the ADAM Opel will debut a new generation of multimedia equipment, which further equip other Opel models, synchronized with both teams Android smartphones like Apple IOS. This will provide for the contents of the portable device in a large 7 “screen installed at the bottom of the dashboard, in a smart position but maybe not too practical (too low) to follow the maps of the browser without looking away of the road.

It does not specify these details on the specific functions that offer, but we know there will be USB connection for MP3, iPods and tablets. When standing you can play videos and photo slideshows.

Innovative technology for its segment
Surprisingly, and perhaps dispensable, as it is, Opel Adam will debut a parking assistant (APA second generation) and the like we had seen in upper segments will automatically park the car driving only the pedals and gears. It will also include a heated steering wheel and blind spot alert.

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