One million euros is what separates you from the Ferrari F40 GTE 1992 for sale

It seems a good time for those lucky few who are looking for or thinking of buying a Ferrari F40 Exclusivity. If just a couple of months we talked about the auction of a Ferrari F40 Prototype / GT Michelotto with chassis number 74047, now is selling another very special competition F40 and brother of that. We refer to another of the units prepared by Michelotto, an AWG F40 1992.

Michelotto, one of the biggest names in the preparation of a Ferrari for competition, was in charge of the Ferrari F40 GTE by the end of 1992. With serial number 94362, is one of the seven prototypes created specifically for Michelotto circuits, and also accompanied racing success, becoming the champion of the Italian GT Series in 1994. A stunning beauty, performance, pedigree and racing history and many enhancements designed to make this drive circuit, in all likelihood, have the amount requested by him is deserved.

Some of these modifications on the basic LM F40 were reinforced chassis-based carbon fiber, a comprehensive work on their aerodynamic body which includes a rear wing or front and rear wider, and the safety cage, fire safety kit and a specific interior. We also worked on its frame, with a different suspension tuning, new stabilizer bars, Brembo brake equipment or Enkei alloy wheels in 18 inch in diameter.

Its official capacity is 620 hp at 7,500 rpm, well above the 478 hp Ferrari F40 series, but if we removed all restrictions on his mechanics (in place to comply with the rules of the CSAI-GT Italian GT Series in the years 1993 and 1994), the engine would deliver no less than 800 hp. And all with a weight of 1,100 kg

In late 1994, Michelotto undertook to adapt this unit to the specification GTE to compete in 1995, hence their characteristics are slightly different from the other unit of which I spoke. It is also one of only two Ferrari F40 to have won a championship FIA: a real collector’s item that is sold at a price of 1.095 million euros.

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