Nissan Note 2013, and is the new Nippon small minivan

As Japanese as sushi and sashimi, technological, efficient and very modern, and presents the new generation Nissan Note. It is a compact MPV and compact dimensions which we offered you an advance with the introduction of Nissan in the past Invitation Concept Geneva Motor Show. To take a definitive model to be launched in the autumn time in Japan to reach the rest of the world, including Europe, next year, has faithfully complied with many of the details that we saw in his day in the prototype.

The dynamism of the Nissan Note 2013 is provided by a sharper front, with slanted headlights groups who embrace an aerodynamically sculpted grille. Although this is a global model to be sold in virtually all markets in which Nissan is present, so far he has performed with Japanese specifications. The model will arrive in Europe could change to a greater or lesser extent on what I will detail in this article and you will see from the pictures below.

After seven years of marketing the Nissan Note, the first generation approached the million-seller with 940,000 units produced. In Europe the production of the Note will be held in Sunderland, as usual.

Nissan Note used three-cylinder engines, atmospheric and turbocharged
The Nissan Note debut a three-cylinder engine with direct injection and turbocharging DIG-S and continuously variable transmission CVT XTRONIC new generation system and stop-start Idling Stop System. The result is a B-segment MPV efficient enough to approve 25.2 km / liter according to the Japanese JC08 cycle. Not be extrapolated to the European cycle, but reference should be mentioned that slightly improved the records of a tiny utility as the Nissan Micra (known there as March) in Japan approves 23.0 km / liter.

This engine has been named HR12DDR and likely will be based on the three-cylinder block of the Nissan Micra, with its 1,198 cm3 displacement. We assume that once approved in Europe consumption will be lower at 5.0 liters per 100 kilometers.

Around View Monitor: peripheral vision for the Nissan Note
As mentioned at the beginning, the Nissan Note not only be very Japanese aesthetic, but also in the practical and technological. The most innovative aspect of this model will be introducing a system of peripheral vision, called Around View Monitor, as a world first for a passenger car segment B. This system allows among other things seen from a display mounted on the dashboard images that capture what is happening around us (360 °) in the vicinity of the vehicle to avoid colliding with obstacles while parked or maneuvered in environments close (eg in a parking).

Definitely this technology does not seem necessary for a passenger car so small, but it does nevertheless very useful as we saw in the new Definitely this technology does not seem necessary for a passenger car so small, but it does nevertheless very useful as we saw in the new Nissan Qashqai.

So far the European version of the Nissan Note will not occur until well into 2013.

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