Nissan Micra ELLE, the Japanese supermini aimed at women arrives in Spain

Nissan Micra ELLE

A little over two years to the European market reached the current generation Nissan Micra, a key model in the catalog of the company and that since the 80 is one of the benchmark city car in Europe and Spain, as well as good of the rest of the world. This generation marked a philosophical shift from the previous, as their focus now is much more simple and monotonous than before when it was a vehicle designed for the female audience with a more striking design.

However, do not want to lose that air completely feminine chic that had until recently, hence they have decided to launch a special version Nissan Micra ELLE. A few days ago we met and the first data of this variant because it was filed in the UK, but has now announced that it will begin to be offered in the major European markets, including Spain. According to Nissan, up to 65% of sales of this model are targeting women in many merchandise, so no wonder they take this decision.

The elements that characterize the Micra ELLE are what we saw in the UK version. Part of the termination Acenta trim, which includes a complete equipment as electric mirrors, climate control and cruise control. As standard adds distinctive panoramic glass roof, chrome under the radiator and on the door handles, fog lights, a spoiler at the edge of the roof and 15-inch wheels.

Nissan Micra ELLEThe tires are darkened, and contrasted with the red paint Venice offered in this variant, but probably can be linked with other shades of bodywork. In the interior color scheme of black and gray seat covers. Apart from all these additional details, what really identifies this version as ELLE Micra is the presence of well-known logos fashion magazine in the trunk, the sides and interior mats.

The Nissan Micra ELLE be offered with the 1.2 engine 80 hp and the 1.2 turbo 98 HP, the latter linked exclusively to a CVT automatic gearbox. For now know what the exact price of this version in our country, which will begin to be offered beginning in the fall, but have already announced that the buyers (and buyers, why not) enjoy activities organized jointly by Nissan and ELLE. For now, we will comply with him in the Hall of Paris from the 27th of this month.


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