Nissan Juke Box, the best sound system in the world mobile


Nissan Juke design many things have been said, especially that is designed to please young drivers, so Ministry of Sound has teamed up with Nissan to create an exclusive edition of the small crossover utility. The Nissan Juke Box is a profound modification of the original Juke, mainly affecting the vehicle’s interior, where they installed a sound system worthy of the best clubs.

With this audio system, called Box will manage to raise the music volume to 150 dB, so you need an electrical power of 18,900 W or what is the same almost 26 hp. There will be a speaker system designed to measure in the rear that is exposed by opening the trunk and most importantly, mounted on a standard Juke. I guess the electric power will not have to steal the engine, but it can be plugged to any external network.

A pair of 18-inch subwoofer in addition to many smaller speakers will allow for great sound quality. This sound system as powerful and mounted on the Nissan Juke has made its debut at the Nissan stand for 24 hours of LeMans that are fighting right now, after that will tour around Europe.

Shur, prepare one that I have to go tonight to make the car park of a bottle and I have to macrodiscoteca thunder to the rock!

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