Next summer we may know the replacement of the Ferrari California

A few days ago Ferrari became news and not because of any of the information filtration over F70, Enzo’s successor, but by the presence of a test mule based on the Ferrari California surprised us with a clear sound supercharged engine with a turbo.

After seeing the California “troubled” and because the Maserati Quattroporte has been allowed to see a lot in recent months, quite camouflaged yes, I pointed to the possibility that California was only to test drive the supercharged engine rumored fitted to the Maserati. Well, maybe what we were seeing was not the engine of the Maserati but the successor to the Ferrari California that according to recent rumors we know next year.

A few months ago, in mid-February, we had at Ferrari California 2012. Slight changes to the Cavallino we introduced a model aesthetically even, only with new paint options, and came with 30 extra horses, to 490 horses and 30 kg less. Well, this facelift for 2012, or rather, the mechanical tuning of the chassis could be the farewell of California.

According to Car & Driver, the Ferrari California and has no substitute. Surprisingly, if all goes well, the successor to the Ferrari California could appear next summer, that is, within one year. Few details are known at this time on this potential model, but apparently, she says this means, we could find a Ferrari for access to the brand that is responsible for recovering more classic design lines and getting a slimmer body in a same level, instead of meeting the volume generated by the rear wheel arches.

For your engine speaks precisely of a turbo V8, which would reach 500 horses, but there’s more. As the successor to the Enzo, the replacement of California, it would also be a convertible hard top, would have a KERS system would raise the number of power of this Ferrari 500 to 600 hp.

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