The next Honda CR-Z is based on the Civic Type R … and could reach about 225 horses

honda-cr-z-2013-b1-dm-700pxInteresting rumor that comes from Motoring involving the next Honda Civic Type R and the upcoming Honda CR-Z, a Honda CR-Z looks set to reach a hefty 225 horsepower, basing their platform on the new generation of sport compact Honda while overfeeding also make an appearance in the hybrid.

With the first details of Honda Civic Type R confirmed officially by the Japanese firm now reach the first rumors about a new generation of the Honda CR-Z ready to change significantly from the current-compact coupe. Overfeeding has come to Honda … and it seems like going beyond the engine bay of the new Honda Civic Type R.

Mugen_RZ_3According next Motoring Honda CR-Z will receive a considerable amount of power, reaching the 225 horses, considerable number especially considering that the current Honda hybrid coupe, after the latest facelift, with 137 horses.

These 225 horses come from the hand of the new 1.5-liter mechanics like the Honda Civic Type R, which has already been announced that will reach at least 280 hp, supercharged be accompanied also by the hybrid system.

Civic_Type_R_testingAlong with this mechanical hybrid supercharged the new Honda CR-Z leave from the same platform as the Honda Civic Type R, modified to provide a more restrained distance between axles. This new Honda CR-Z seems to be willing to go in 2016 … and certainly by now promise. An attractive design, a good deal of power, the exoticism of its hybrid system and a platform inherited from his older brother … remember an older brother who is willing to break the record for a front-wheel drive at the Nurburgring.

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