New three-cylinder engine 1.2 i 82CV for the Citroën C3 and DS3

The widespread downsizing is happening in the automotive landscape in recent years, independent of the category and the price of the car is significantly impacting the gas utility segment, at least in the European market. The lace has put the Fiat Punto 2012, which features a 85 hp two-cylinder engine, but other European manufacturers have been unwilling general falling behind and have released three-cylinder engines very efficient.

Just last week presented the new Renault generation of Renault Clio, which will mount a 0.9-liter three-cylinder engine and 90 hp, and a few months ago, Peugeot announced a 1.2-propellant, three-cylinder that delivers 82 hp for the Peugeot 208. The PSA has now decided to extend the presence of this block to two Citroën models located in the same segment 208. This is the Citroën C3 and brother chic Citroën DS3, which from now will have a small gasoline engine power more efficiently than currently available.

At the moment we do not know the official fuel consumption and emissions recorded in any of the two models, but probably identical to the Peugeot 208, ie an average consumption of 4.5 l/100 km in combined cycle and emissions of 104 g / km. The benefits are not worth much talking, except to know they are quiet enough for use in city and highway sporadic breaks. Use a manual gearbox five speeds.

In the case of C3, this new engine will probably come to replace the 1.4 73 hp four-cylinder currently offered, and continue to be offered below the modest 1.1 of 60 hp. In the case of the Citroen DS3 will rank as the access version, since until now the less powerful petrol engine is a 1.4 to 95 hp. In both cases stands as an attractive option for those who want a motor modest, unpretentious but very tight with consumption. Within weeks we will know more details of its configuration in the Spanish market.

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