In a new MR2 successor to Z4: what to expect from the shared platform between Toyota-BMW?

BMW_Vision_Connected_Drive_Concept_2011_07-1024x723_dm_700We are very aware of the work that BMW and Toyota are doing together to develop a new sporty Focus platform. A platform that has already made us think about the successor to the Toyota Supra … but it also makes us think about the next generation BMW Z4 … and now in the next BMW 6 Series.

Initiated in 2011, the alliance seems that this platform is ready to give us no little joy. From Toyota Supra successor and allegedly the successor of Toyota MR2. From BMW Z4 and future generational the BMW 6 Series, as well as consider and even for the model to be responsible for relieving the Toyota GT 86.

BMW_Vision_Connected_Drive_Concept_2011_09-1024x723_DM_700From CAR shelled us the list of models that arrive allegedly covered by this new platform, a list of models to appear now generational BMW 6 Series model that until now there was rumor that associate to this platform. According to CAR, the new BMW 6 Series could come in 2016.

Toyota’s strong commitment by a new family of sports that beyond the Toyota GT 86 seems ready to leave us with a new sports over reviving the GT 86 Toyota Supra. This model seems to be willing to stand and in November at the next Tokyo Motor Show. He even suggests that Toyota wants a sporty sub-brand, so we can think of the range sports versions more “normal” of the Japanese firm with these next sports over from Supra and MR2, under the umbrella of this sub-brand .

Toyota_FT_HS_700_1We can not forget that we also talk about a possible BMW Z2 roadster dimensions as contained, cheaper and could get based on the platform of the next BMW 1 Series GT and the new generation of Mini … so yes, it could be FWD. Furthermore, the important role of the Toyota hybrid technology could be reflected in a new BMW BMW Z4, or Z5 as some call it, with an alternative hybrid in its range.


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