A new low-displacement turbocharged V8, en route to AMG

mbs63amg-m157-1The Mercedes S 63 AMG is the latest high performance Mercedes presented. It has made its debut in the last Frankfurt Motor Show, where he has delight press and public. No wonder: is the most advanced luxury sedan at the time, and also the most powerful. Under the hood beats the M157 5.5 V8 Biturbo with 585 hp and a monstrous torque of 900 Nm. The news is that maybe the S 63 AMG is the latest brand AMG M157 engine as it seems to have reached its limit of power and torque.

The news has come out of the mouth of Tobias Moers, one of the directors of AMG. It appears that it is possible to extract more power and torque without compromising reliability M157 or carry out structural modifications overpriced. Preparers are separate, of course, as reliability is generally not their top priority. AMG is not going to stop using the M157 is imminent, but for higher power applications has reached its end. The key is now to find a suitable replacement.

mbs63amg-m157-2Of course, we know that 6.0 V12 Biturbo engine of the 65 AMG remains, with power and torque figures incredible, but its production is very expensive and it is impossible to attach easily to medium sized vehicles for now. The current generation Mercedes vehicles continue to use the M157, but in the future it is considering developing a new smaller displacement turbocharged V8. It would replace the M157, with power over 600 hp and a possible hybridization.

Yes, eventually reaching AMG hybrid sooner rather than later, while achieving increased performance and lower consumption. The heat engine that would engage these future AMG could be a 4.0-liter V8, the result of joining two blocks of four cylinders and two liters, taken from the front wheel drive AMG family. Doubly turbocharged, could generate very high power: two liters, the 2.0 Mercedes A 45 AMG / CLA 45 AMG develops no less than 360 hp without breaking a sweat.

mercedes-a-45-amg-13-dm-700pxThis four-liter V8 can also be found in the AMG version of the Mercedes SLC, the supposed rival the Porsche 911 and Jaguar C-Type that Mercedes presented shortly. For the next S 63 AMG, this hypothetical smaller displacement V8 receive the electrical impulse of a hybrid system focused on high performance. The technical details and mechanical solutions are still rumors, but that this replacement is effectively developing M157 is a fact. We will be watching.

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