New data on the successor to the McLaren F1: 1,000 horses that arrive at the Paris Motor Show

The successor to the McLaren F1 and Ferrari Enzo successor have already started a fight well before the start of marketing. Both English and Italian data have been leaving for months dropper. Data on possible mechanical design leaks, spy photos … and now, new data raise the McLaren again today as we continue to await their arrival.

New data that point to your arrival at the upcoming Paris Motor Show, but also point to a private launch event in August during the celebration of Pebble Beach and leave us with more information about its mechanics, again pointing to a system of KERS would leave us with a figure of 1,000 horsepower. Nice match awaits us among the McLaren and the Ferrari F70, if finally is named.

About its design, the source of the new details warns that will be spectacular, almost sci-fi cartoon. Abound, of course carbon fiber inside, instead of the three seats from the original F1 we find only 2. The source also warns that there are 2 units ready to be shown in this supercar, two units that have been shown to customers of the brand.

In terms of mechanics, we would find the 3.8-liter V8 that moves the MP4-12C, but now delivering 800 hp. Along with this engine a KERS system that would increase power to 1,000 horse seeking to achieve a 0 to 100 km / h in under 2.5 seconds.

After the recent introduction of the convertible version of MP4-12C, 12C McLaren Spider, and just between us two months to meet the new McLaren to occupy a place in the highest field of sports as he fights a duel in a new generation of super hybrid where besides the Ferrari apparently his biggest rival, will, for those who are not established only in power, a rival also at the Porsche 918 Spyder or even exclusivity, despite having half the horses , the Jaguar C-X75. Maybe in Peblle Beach have more data on the successor to the McLaren F1.

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