Myths about “maintenance”

neumatico-gastadoThe automotive technology advances by leaps and bounds, and modern cars are far to old, that is why when some maintenance practices are obsolete or unnecessary, making them myths about “maintenance”.

There Heat or no heat?

In the 80s warm the car was almost an unbreakable rule, since cars had carburetors for fuel injection systems, then move to direct injection. Today cars are made ​​to run once on, without having to heat. Of course, we must make clear that modern cars are “only” ready to lead unheated, if your car is old and should continue to warm running carburetor.

Not always “Premium” is better

Today we see the word “Premium” increasingly in the world of automobiles, but is not always better or at least is not always best for our car. Premium gasoline does not always keep the engine cleaner or faster or thrifty. To take effect this kind of gasoline the car should be ready for this kind of fuel is not always so. Today most fuels contain attachments to keep the engine clean.

Farewell to old tires

The useful life of a tire is relative, much will depend on your usage and also your car. Experts recommend changing them every 5 or 6 years, but this time is also relative. Today there are a number of tests that can accurately determine the state of your tires, as the tires can look good and even little worn, but inside is another story, so a tire that you can see well maybe already completed its cycle and should be changed.

Brake pumping

When the car loses control because the tires lose contact with the ground some methods that are used today are correct; perhaps these theories was valid years ago. Today the modern cars the system has completely changed, and is recommended in these cases lightly pressing the brake pedal and do not hit the brake as they did before (even I can do that more control is lost).

Article based on “4 big myths about car care” (BBC News)

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