Mugen RZ: preparing the CR-Z to the Paris Motor Show

Mugen prepares a more “hot” CR-Z. A sportier version, as you would expect coming from Mugen already sensed a few days ago, when Honda showed the first teaser of the updated version of the CR-Z to be displayed at the Paris Motor Show. Mugen Honda follow the steps and quote us after signing the Paris Motor Show to show the new CR-Z Mugen does now to show that Mugen has called RZ.

On their website, in Japanese, we Mugen appointment to 27 September, yes, at the start of the Paris Motor Show, as Honda has the CR-Z and it does show us a first look at this new revision “By Mugen” the Honda CR-Z who has given name as Mugen RZ.

A first image that little, if anything, makes it clear that we will know the surprise on the 27th, but that leaves us, or at least to me so I have thought, wanting to know what tune is hidden under this new name that is accompanied by an image of a distant CR-Z in a circuit.

We can not distinguish too much detail in the silhouette of the CR-Z will be treated as a review already performed on the previous Mugen CR-Z? At the Paris Motor Show will know a slight tuning Honda CR-Z just try to adapt what we have seen in the previous CR-Z Mugen to the new?

It could be of course, may also extending its marketing in Europe, giving more weight beyond the borders of the United Kingdom, a new CR-Z ICF, rather than new, refurbished incorporating the small details with the facelift. Recall that the CR-Z Mugen iCF by a compressor, extracted dell CR-Z 1.5 175 hp, 25 hp below the first prototype Mugen CR-Z introduced.

But a “simple” upgrade iCF Honda CR-Z deserves a new name as Mugen RZ? On September 27, if not disclosed before, we’ll know, but maybe Mugen is preparing a version above the known to date, which, appearing at the Paris Motor Show may be marketed in Europe. Considering that Nissan Nismo start the expansion of Europe and supported Toyota TRD, why not think of a similar action from Honda with Mugen? Does anyone else feel like and try a CR-Z almost 180 horses?

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