Mokka Opel, the new crossover will build on the € 17,690

I do not doubt that the Opel Mokka is one of the releases of the year. To amend the discretion of the sales of Antara, who has not lived up to other historical models SUV / crossover of Opel, the Mokka will arrive in dealerships later this year with a bet very contained and urban, affordability and jerk the small SUV in Europe, particularly in our country.

The Opel Mokka will start in Spain from € 17,690, which in a nutshell and given that the range of mechanical depart from the 1.6 16 valve 115 hp and front wheel drive, is priced about 1,000 € more expensive than an Opel Astra as official discount to date and without regard to the peculiarities of the equipment that is yet to confirm. Above there will be two engines: a 1.4 Turbo 140 hp and 200 Nm of torque, and a diesel 1.7 CDTI 130 hp version in its four-wheel drive will cost € 25,790.

Double reading that we should make these prices is that they still have to wait to be known as the range is composed as the € 17,690 price correspond to a “hook” of an engine for your conditions, just power and no turbo, not be the most recommended and the best selling range Mokka.

opel mokkaAt this point it is essential to consider how the model can affect Antara or even premium models in which space and comfort as the Meriva.

At the Geneva Motor Show and offer you very briefly what Opel can offer the customer Mokka. Needless to say, there are many buyers looking proposals as distinguished and modern small cars that move well dimensions in the city and design and casual camper. Because of its length is halfway between a Corsa and Astra, but finishes and equipment is more like the latter than the former. Let’s not forget that trunk has a very wide range of over 500 liters.

Again endorse what my colleague Daniel commented in Geneva, Opel has a compact SUV with a size quite content. To mention some of its rivals with more weight on the market, we must say that it is more practical and spacious and also shorter than a Nissan Juke but not to the size of a Nissan Qashqai (short) or that of a Volkswagen Tiguan.

Ultimately Opel has been careful to distinguish the Opel Antara convenient to keep one step up from the € 20,479 as an alternative with a touch “premium”.

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