Mini Rocketman renews for London Olympics 2012

The Mini-tunes Rocketman. The smaller mini Range dresses up to welcome the Olympic Games in London 2012 event in which BMW will supply about 3,500 vehicles to support the organization and athletes and also boasts the presence of 240 cars and Mini now, with the Mini Rocketman present also between similar deployment.

To do this, Mini has been given a facelift to the concept car we saw in 2011 on the occasion of the Geneva Motor Show, gracing the small house with new brighter colors and higher contrast than that gray model 2011, all set to honor the host city for the Olympics and remind while Mini, besides being in the process of renewing its base model, includes among its “possible” with this small but original asset that we moved to the concept, measures, the original Mini.

A special edition for the 2012 London Olympics implied, or yes, put the Union Jack somewhere, far from showing the typical vinyl or ceiling mirrors decorated with the flag in Mini have chosen to include a peculiar form in the glass roof structure. In addition, to present the concept in the Olympic game has chosen a dark blue paint with white accents on the grid, tires, mirrors and lenses, and red, and roof rack, or whatever it is, the colors of the British flag.

The interior, which remember is a configuration of three seats, or four if we give up cargo space, you also get new colors, along with the color scheme seen on the outside and keeping the lines conceptual prototype that we saw in Geneva, is dressed all in white and red.

The Rocketman continues as showcar, who knows if we will see, or at least a derivative, on our streets. For now, we are left with one of the signature phrases in presenting this issue, “is another example of the creativity of the brand design solutions for urban mobility in the coming years,” Do you think you can get to meet a production Rocketman’s already extensive range of Mini?

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