Mercedes SLS AMG MC700, MC 700 hp thanks to Chip

Mercedes SLS AMG MC700

The German coach Chip MC today presents its latest proposal on the Mercedes SLS AMG. The gullwing XXI Century has undergone a number of modifications and preparations. The trade name of this preparation is “MC700” since it is a preparation which affects practically exclusively the propellant. A mechanical preparation of those that we love.

Recall that standard, the Mercedes SLS AMG GT are rated at 591 hp from its slight upgrade a few months ago. The 6.2 V8 engine atmospheric huge rises to 700 hp, but not without the help of a volumetric compressor powered by the exhaust gases. The additional 109 hp also achieved through reprogramming of the ECU, as the guys specialize MC Chip.

 Mercedes SLS AMG MC700In addition to the Stage 3 chip, have equipped the German supercar with a new exhaust, sports catalyst and in the silent valves to increase the loudness of the exhaust. All this, signed by renowned specialist Capristo Exhaust Systems. For the German market, the end result is 680 hp and 770 Nm of maximum torque, subject to the rules of the TÜV.

In versions designed to export the ECU is the Stage 4, so that the final output is 706 hp and maximum torque of 793 Nm. For the German market engine conversion costs a whopping € 69,900 for the rest of the market is € 78,999. The end result can be complemented with tires to suit the consumer or any other aesthetic pack preparer.

 Mercedes SLS AMG MC700

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