Mercedes SLS AMG Edition Matte, another extravagance for Japan

A few days ago we looked at the Mercedes C 63 AMG Performance Studio Edition, a special edition created by the German and intended exclusively for Japan. For about 43,000 euros more, it offers the possibility to mount the kit Performance Package and a series of aesthetic touches that make the car extremely striking. It seems that this decoration is the Nippon public taste, as also unveiled a special edition of the Mercedes SLS AMG.

Dubbed Mercedes SLS AMG Matte Edition, is an issue that simply seeks to provide aesthetic differentiation. Is offered in both coupe and the convertible body, and in both cases can be selected watersheds Black or White. The first is the more striking because, like the C 63 AMG cited above, the body is painted in black and adorned with red. The outer diameter of the wheels, tank cover, the front star, the emblem 6.3 and side screens are painted in this color.

mercedes-sls-amg-matte-2The result is, without a doubt, flashy, too much for my taste. Perhaps Mercedes are also aware of it, since the variation is much less cantosa White. Thus, the body is painted in white, and the details before we saw red now find them in black. Of choosing one of the two, I would without doubt the Mercedes SLS AMG Edition Matte White, much more balanced in terms of productivity. As a small point, the red color also appears in this aspect, particularly in the brake calipers.

mercedes-sls-amg-matte-3In the case of Black, on the carrier we found the same pattern of colors in the bodywork, while at the White inserts are also present in black, and various parts of finished porcelain!. In both cases equipped AMG Ride Control suspension and the optional AMG Performance steering wheel. This special edition does not include improvements made this week by the Mercedes SLS AMG GT, so under the hood we find a 6.2 V8 571 hp. The price is unknown, but probably hover around 300,000 euros.

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