Mercedes shows us the first official pictures of the still camouflaged A45 AMG

If only a couple of days talked about the new details revealed in the next version of the Mercedes performance based Class A, officially arriving data and power and leaving us with some figures and technical details that allow us to compare with the BMW M135i, along with your name, A45 AMG, now Mercedes shows a curious first step of this model to be A45 AMG images still camouflaged.

We have become accustomed to seeing every day parade the engine now and mules camouflaged models to a greater or lesser extent, images taken by photographers located in the usual points of sighting, others who find them by surprise, but still, we still crashing that is the brand itself who distribute images, even though Porsche has also offered us this practice with the Porsche 918 Spyder. Now, with the help of Mercedes, we can see camouflaged official photos of the model. A new approach to the A45 AMG Mercedes before his arrival.

Mercedes_Clase_AImages that reveal us little more about the A45 AMG we had not seen before in other images not officially arrived, but did not come alone, and no, I mean new data, but to another series of images that accompany the model we have camouflage and the propeller will move to this model.

Mercedes_Clase_A_45_AMG_8Images that leave us with the A45 AMG Mercedes engine, which as discussed with the confirmation of the first data will be a 4-cylinder turbocharged 2-liter engine that will reach 335 hp with a torque of 400 Nm is delivered through an electronic Haldex center differential 4-wheel, with greater love for the rear axle in the distribution of power, also having a transmission of 7-speed dual clutch.

AMG bodystyling of the few details we can see. As expected will have special bumpers, wheels and interior details showing their sportier character. Sports seats, alcantara Mercedes … Hopefully, we show them without camouflage in brief, perhaps in the Paris Salon where he was allegedly able to find live, perhaps earlier, to get you started.


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