Mercedes S 65 AMG: reportedly set to debut in Los Angeles

Mercedes-Magic-Body-control-170513-02While we already at the arrival of a convertible variant of the Mercedes S-Class variant according to the latest rumors coming in 2015, there are new details Mercedes S 65 AMG. New details that point directly to the mechanic explaining major Mercedes S-Class range will be present at the next Hall of Los Angeles.

From point and the Automobile Magazine November 22, the Hall of Los Angeles, as the date chosen by Mercedes to introduce the perfect companion to the luxury saloon: a block of 12 cylinder V The finest mechanics, Mercedes, luxury and refinement, and ready to perform in society … How far will the V12 in the S-Class vain?

Mercedes_S_63_AMG_DM_1According to a source had informed the means mentioned in the Hall of Los Angeles we would find this Mercedes S 65 AMG, while just over a month later, in Detroit, we would find the new Mercedes S 600, both occupying for now and next to Mercedes S 63 AMG, the top echelons of the range luxury sedan.

Previous rumors had pointed to the Mercedes S 65 AMG would be willing to go up to 630 horses. Facing the 5.5-liter V8 biturbo Mercedes S 63 Amg, with 585 horses also significant and the possibility of an alternative also choose AWD, we would now have a 6-liter V12, block transmission associated with AMG SPEEDSHIFT 7-speed deliver, plus the aforementioned 630 horses, a pair of 1,000 Nm, reaching 100 km / h in about 4 seconds.

Mercedes_S_63_AMG_DM_11In less than two months, with the opening of doors of the Hall of Los Angeles, will leave doubts. For Mercedes S 600, allegedly equipped with the same block V12, we have to wait some more, until early 2014 and Detroit. Later comercialziacion initiate S-Class coupe anticipated by the Mercedes S-Class Coupé concept and a year later, the cabriolet alternative.

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