Mercedes officially announces compact SUV should not exceed 30,000 Euros

Something is happening in Mercedes, and we told a few days ago when we traveled to Slovenia to test the new Mercedes A-Class and find it again with the start of production at the factory in Rastatt (Germany). I tell them it’s no surprise, since we announced it a few days ago and already sensed that an investment as important as that made by the Stuttgart manufacturer in this and other plants like Kecskemét (Hungary) would have to respond to a promising product offensive.

In Mercedes-Benz are willing to write off the front-drive platform and full of new Class B, Class A and soon a sedan-coupé based on the prototype Style Concept Coupe with the development of a fourth model that aims to position itself as a crossover, or rather, crossover access. His rivals already have a presence in this segment is growing with models with a price cut around 30,000 € and versatile but more focused proposal to the city road and the Mercedes GLK, remember model has options RWD from € 36,700.

Precisely at a time when they are very compact high fashion, with a high driving position and dominant, we surprised a Mercedes A Class 2012 with a concept as sports and a focused cockpit the pilot, but also too low for “all audiences. “Obviously, Mercedes-Benz already kept an ace up its sleeve with the next model will be positioned as the BMW X1 and Audi Q3 with few off-road aspirations but an important market niche to occupy. The input range will feature front-wheel drive, although alternatives exist 4MATIC all-wheel drive.

Yesterday we officially confirmed that in fact are already developing this new model and if the accounts we should fail to hear and presentation, whether as permanent or as a prototype model prior, before the year ends. But we still know more data about a fifth should also constructed on this platform in Rastatt.

All in all responds to a commercial and industrial strategy, as we’re seeing with the other manufacturers will try to recoup the use of common platforms and affordable thanks to its modularity and a range of parts, mechanical and engineering processes shared help to develop products with lower cost and centralized production, in this case in Germany and the new factory in Hungary opened its doors this year and will have a total capacity of 100,000 units annually.

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