Mercedes increases the production of new Class A manufacturing it also in Finland

Mercedes not cope and have to resort to the Finnish manufacturer Valmet to produce the new Mercedes A-Class, accounting for both third factory that will join those already had been awarded in Germany and Hungary. Valmet will assemble more than 100,000 units between 2013 and 2016 to ensure vehicles meet the demand within a reasonable timescale.

When recently were attending the presentation of the Mercedes A-Class, Mercedes-Benz responsible for revealing to us a little secret, had expected about 1,000 monthly sales in Spain at a faster pace than initially would probably fit in our country. Not only in Spain, the initial reservations of the new Class A pointed to all the forecasts could be overwhelmed to the point that would be overwhelmed in a short time and would inevitably enter a waiting list.

Although its launch is scheduled in September, 40,000 reservations have been processed to date of the new Mercedes Class A. Production began this month in Rastatt (Germany), which will have to increase the pace with a third shift by the end of the year, and shall extend to the new plant in Kecskemét Hungary, which recently confirmed will be a new compact SUV on the new front-drive platform and full Mercedes-Benz.

We will see that we in store sales of the new Mercedes A-Class in their first year in 2013 and we have ensured that at least 8,500 sales there in our country, or probably more than fulfilled the most optimistic forecasts. It seems that the wait after the start of its sales are able to expand too much, because already we have to wait for the fact that the Spanish section will not work with models in stock and therefore each reservation will be manufactured and delivered to your time.

By the way. In two generations the Class Mercedes-Benz sales exceeded one million. Will this third generation, now in a compact and upper segment, which exceeded the two million sales?

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