Mercedes increased the rate of production of Class S to demand

Mercedes_Clase_S_2013_4-dm-700px-1We still have to meet the coupe variant, and even talk of an alternative cabrio and a version with even more body to replace Maybach, Mercedes Class S but the harvest and a very good fuck, as much as in Jaguar prefer “the catlike reflexes “before Magic Body Control suspension.

From Automotive News Daimler announces increased production at its flagship. A larger number of units of Mercedes Class S will occur, thus increasing the working time of employees of the brand in the production line in recent times and have seen increasing shifts, plus overtime to meet production models like the Mercedes GLK and C-Class Mercedes.

Mercedes_Clase_S_2013_6Reportedly from said means Mercedes will increase the working time of the employees of the plant Sindelfinge, Germany, in 74 minutes in 2014 to meet the high demand for its revamped luxury saloon.

In addition to increased production plant Sindelfinge can not lose sight of the increased production of the Bremen plant to meet production and Mercedes GLK Class C having 10 extra shifts between November and December, plus the also increased 10 extra shifts at the plant SUVs Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

In 2013, between January and November, Mercedes has grown by 11% over the same period of 2012. Now coming to you marks a new and important stage in the hand of the new Mercedes C Class, accompanied of course by the new family of compact models with Mercedes A Class, Mercedes Mercedes CLA and GLA.

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