Mercedes G 65 AMG, extreme wealth by almost 300,000 €

If by some chance you’ve wondered what Mercedes-AMG model might be the most expensive in the current catalog is likely to invite you to think logically it is the jewel in the crown, the SLS AMG gullwing convertible or his namesake the SLS AMG Roadster. Nothing is further from reality. Today the most expensive and inaccessible model is the Mercedes G 65 AMG, a super-SUV more than two tons and a half straight with many sports could fight and win the market with an insulting superiority. For instance is faster in the 0 to 100 km / h the new Porsche Boxster, with a record of 5.4 seconds and reaches 230 km / h.

The Mercedes G 65 AMG boasts a whopping 5,980 cm3 V12, 612 hp and course of myocardial consumption, standardizing 17 litres/100 km in the combined cycle which in practice could be over 20 and 30 with extreme ease. Its starting price is € 295,000, so as we have been able to verify this vehicle is not intended definitely for economic and politically correct European automotive industry but rather to gain ground and to cash in strategic markets in the Middle East and Asia.

Consider the price of this beast of Affalterbach is three times the starting price of the Mercedes G-Class range with a G 350 BlueTec of 211 hp. Even more impressive by the fact that it costs almost twice as much as the other G-Class AMG, which is presented more content with a 5,461 cm3 V8 engine and 544 horsepower for a price that seems a bargain comparatively, from € 153,800.

Is it worth paying € 141,200 more to have a V12? No, definitely not. But no one takes an SUV of 612 hp and with a proper price for a Lamborghini Aventador so. This inaccessible whim is the result of extreme opulence, pleasure of knowing that your SUV is hardly comparable to any in your hands and wear a unique and ultra-exclusive that few can boast.

Well, look no further explanation within this Mercedes G 65 AMG which by its very nature it is inexplicable. And you, what do you think of this super-powered SUV V12?

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